While the eyes are purely sensitive organs and the feet are basically motors, the hands perform both functions

While the eyes are purely sensory organs and the feet are basically motors, the hands perform both functions and, through them, relate to the environment. The hands have an important role in perception, communication, manual activities, body hygiene, sports practice, etc. To perform these functions properly, the hands depend on a complex system of structures that act in unison, adapting to the demands Of each task. These structures are the tendons, muscles, skin, nerves, veins and arteries, bones, joints and ligaments.

In the past, for the treatment of complex lesions of the Hand, the participation of several specialists was necessary. The need for a specialist who could handle the great trauma of the SUPERIOR MEMBER arose with the great World Wars, since the injuries with explosives needed great reconstructions, with the participation of Orthopedists, Plastic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons and General Surgeons.

There arose the need to train a Physician specifically for the treatment of these lesions. The Hand Surgeon is a professional who is well trained and trained to reconstruct complex upper limb trauma, from lesions with loss of substance to more complex lesions, with ruptures of tendons, nerves, fractures, etc. Specialist should work well from the root of the upper limb where the peripheral innervation is born through the Brachial Plexus to the hand, passing through the shoulder girdle, shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm and wrist.

In Brazil there are 1,100,000 accidents per year of which 50% occur in the upper limb, that is, 550,000. In addition to these accidents, we can highlight the unregistered, the domiciliary and the traffic accidents.

These numbers speak for themselves regarding the need for doctors who have specific training in this area, since the ultimate goal must always be to restore, in the best possible way, all the functions of the HAND.

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